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A shot in the arm for your bottom line. ACB Recovery.

When people are sick, they come to healthcare providers like you for assistance. They trust that you will do the very best you can to make them well. And that’s what you do. But what happens when the hospital becomes sick because people don’t pay their bills? What do you do when the vital resources you need to stay well dry up? You come to us. And, you start feeling better immediately.

ACB Recovery

Better processes, practices and people, mean better results.

For more than 50 years, ACB Recovery has been a leader in the Accounts Receivable industry. In that time, we’ve helped an enormous number of clients find the revenues they need to keep doing the good work they do. We’ve done it quickly, quietly and with the utmost professionalism. This kind of long-term success isn’t a happy accident. It’s the result of adhering to strict principles.

Above all things: Integrity

Never forget – how a company reclaims your revenues is every bit as important as how much they reclaim. It is possible to achieve high performance while protecting a client’s reputation; and remaining mindful of the patient/ guarantor experience. We do it every day.

A focus on Technology

You can’t be the industry leader if you’re not a step ahead in technology. But, just as important, is how you apply that technology. It’s all about finding the balance between performance and patient experience. And we’ve found it.

A corner on Expertise

When you talk with our people, you talk to professionals who understand your industry and your patients. Our associate retention rate is 300% above the national average. That fact alone says everything you need to know about how we do business.

A promise of Transparency

Our process is available for your inspection at any time. Your data belongs to you; you have access to your patient accounts on our system 24/7.

Services of ACB Recovery:
Three phases, three platforms, one total solution.

What makes ACB Recovery such an effective partner? A carefully developed three-phase solution that spans the revenue cycle from post service financial follow-up and back office process management all the way through to bad debt write-off resolution. Our holistic approach to AR resolution helps you maximize revenues and patient satisfaction .

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A patient has received care, and is now receiving bills. She doesn’t understand why she’s getting bills from multiple entities for the same visit to the hospital. She’s not exactly sure how to read the EOB’s she’s getting, should she pay, wait, – what’s covered and what’s not? The patient is confused, and, quite possibly frustrated. This is the moment when we first make contact; walk the patient through the process and let her know we’re here to help. And the results are impressive.

So many in our industry force a “one size fits all” platform on their customers. We, on the other hand, custom design a platform for each and every client. We take the time to do our homework; to understand your facility, your processes and your patients, then, we develop your platform. From Day 1 early out platforms to customer service outsourcing, we have the staff, the systems and the expertise to get the results you need. It makes all the difference in the world, and we call it Stabilize.


Mitigate risk. Protect P.R. Increase Cash flow. Reduce Costs. That’s what Diagnose can do for you. We use industry leading processes, together with, high integrity data sources to pinpoint and isolate the accounts that are nearly 100% collectible. The result? A five to ten percent increase in recoveries almost immediately.

No one can help you “diagnose” your patients like we can. Diagnose will scrub your entire bad debt file quickly to find the likely Charity populations. At the same time, we’ll find the denials (COB, pre-authorization) and auto insurance coordination that lesser companies either miss, or collect at a high contingency rate. And, we will do it all without interrupting or interfering with your agency placement cycle. It’s the most effective and responsible way to pre-screen your bad debt files before they go to a collection agency. When you’re looking to recover revenue, you want it on your side. Diagnose.


No matter what the upfront process, there will always be a percentage of your self pay AR that requires traditional collection efforts. Revive is the platform developed by ACB Recovery to bring new life to those self pay receivables. Dollars that are losing value by the day.

Technology, expertise and a highly motivated professional staff combine to make Revive a platform that performs. The associates are equipped with the best tools in the industry, not to mention, the experience and knowledge to work with patients to get things done. All the while, keeping your public image and reputation at the center of our efforts. It’s the best way in the industry to jump-start an aging receivable. It’s called Revive. And it performs.

For more information about ACB RECOVERY and its services: Stabilize, Diagnose and Revive, call:

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